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first stage
To prepare delicious donuts, first pour the sourdough dough with lukewarm water and a teaspoon of sugar into a suitable container and mix it together, then close the lid of the container and put it in a warm place for 10 to 15 minutes. Let it bubble on the dough and it will work.


second stage
Then take the butter out of the refrigerator to soften it, then mix it well with the sugar until it is completely combined, then add the egg and vanilla and mix the ingredients for another minute until it is completely mixed and Be homogeneous.


The third step: how to prepare donuts
Now add the liquid dough with lukewarm milk. Then sift the flour twice and after mixing with a small amount of salt, add 4 cups of flour to the ingredients little by little and mix with a whisk to form a dough.


The fourth step
Now transfer the dough to a flat surface and sprinkle some flour on the work surface and start kneading the dough until the dough no longer sticks to your hands. Now we lift the dough and beat it on the work surface, we have to do this between 50 and 100 times.


Step Five
The more we pound the dough on the work surface, the softer the dough will be. Then grease a bowl with twice the volume of dough with oil and transfer the dough to the bowl, then with a knife, make a plus sign (+) on the dough.


Step six: How to prepare donuts
At this stage, we cover the bowl with cellophane and put a towel on the cellophane and place the bowl in a warm place so that the dough rests. About 45 minutes to an hour later, when we go to the dough, its volume should have almost doubled.


Seventh step
Now take the dough out of the bowl and knead it a little on the work surface to get the extra air out of the dough, then sprinkle some flour on the table surface and spread the dough evenly on the work surface with a rolling pin with a diameter of one centimeter. we do.


Step eight
Now we mold the dough with a donut mold and we place each of the molded donuts separately on a piece of greased paper so that it does not spoil when transferred to oil to fry the appearance of the donuts.


Step nine: How to make donuts
Now cover the donuts again with a clean cloth so that they do not dry out, then let them rest for about 30 minutes. After this time, pour enough oil into a bowl so that the donuts are floating when fried.


Step Ten
Now put the container containing the oil on a very gentle heat until the oil is completely hot, to put the donuts in the oil, we take the greaseproof paper under the donuts and do not touch the dough itself. Now pour hot oil with a spoon on the frying donuts.


Step Eleven
When we pour a spoonful of hot oil on the donuts, they swell better and become uniformly golden. Finally, remove the donuts from the oil and place them on a towel or metal grid to remove excess oil.


Step Twelve
When the donuts have cooled a bit, we put them in the desired dish and decorate them with hot chocolate, pistachio powder or anything else. To make chocolate donuts, you have to put them in liquid chocolate after cooling.


Tips on how to prepare donuts


Chocolate donuts
To make chocolate donuts, just reduce one or two tablespoons of white flour to your liking and add cocoa powder to the ingredients instead. You can also use a variety of chocolate ingredients to make chocolate on donuts.

To make a chocolate coating, combine three-quarters of a cup of powdered sugar with two tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of nutella and 3 tablespoons of milk and brush your donuts, or you can melt the donuts in chocolate. Beat.



Donut sugar
If we want to make our donuts in the form of sugar, we must first pour half a cup of coarse sugar in a large bowl, then put the donuts in the bowl after baking and roll all the parts in the sugar so that the donuts are Immerse completely in sugar.


How much to fry donuts?
Once the donut dough is ready, we need to fry it. Frying donuts does not take much time, it takes about one minute to fry one side of the donut and another minute for the other side of the donut. Of course, if the oil temperature is not set well, it may take longer for the donuts to fry.

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