about us

about us
A sweet story of many years.
Welcoming new flavors and using new methods has been one of the pioneering factors of Orchid Bakery in all the years of this brand's activity. But in fact, the most important factor of the brand's success can be considered the special attention that our family pays to the quality of its products. Is. The quality that includes all the stages of production from the   select ion of raw materials to the preparation of all kinds of bread and sweets. In the end, a high-quality product reaches the buyers. which brings happiness and health to them.
The issue that has made our customers become permanent friends of this brand all these years.
Orchid Bakery and pastry store was established in 2023 with the aim of supplying healthy and processed products, and since then, while communicating with international bread producing companies in European countries, it has taken a big step towards improving the quality level and creating diversity.
In line with its quality policies, standards have been used. Also, by obtaining advice from relevant specialists and experts and implementing pre-planned programs such as G.M.P and G.H.P, it has used all its power to improve the health and quality of its products.
Mrs. Akram Hassani Javanmardi, the manager of the store, has extensive knowledge in the bakery and confectionery industry and has been following the trend of baking for more than 12 years.
Also, her background allows her to direct customers to the best direction for purchase.
The knowledge and expertise that she has acquired over the years allows her to attract customers and they also trust her and return to her bakery. This makes their business stable.
The employees of this store consider themselves obliged to comply with all legal requirements, requirements of customers, stakeholders, as well as continuous improvement of the effectiveness of their processes.