Barley breads

3/4/2023 2:12:31 AM
Barley breads

One of the diet breads is barley bread that you can't get enough of. Just remember that this bread has more calories than other regular barley breads. Therefore, if you are overweight, do not go for this bread.

Some bakers add various ingredients to barley flour to make this bread tasty, so you can't count on 100% low calorie diet breads. Types of barley bread are:



Barley bread with seeds and sesame that helps the health of the digestive system and cardiovascular system.

A piece of barley bread that is cooked with 80% barley flour and does not contain salt or sugar.

Barley bread with the taste of cumin, which helps to eliminate indigestion and heal the functioning of the intestines, and is anti-bloating.

Seven herbs barley bread is prepared from various plants such as coriander seed, dill, hemp, saffron, cumin, sesame, etc. and overall, it is a healthy vegetable bread and has a lot of aroma and taste.

Dry barley bread, which in addition to barley flour, also contains some flour and wheat bran, which helps to increase the available fiber and its better taste.




Dill barley bread that is very fragrant and is useful for people with diabetes due to the presence of dill.
Barley bread with cannabis, which is effective in treating flatulence and helps strengthen muscles, and is very delicious.
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