Baguette bread

3/3/2023 1:02:11 PM
Baguette bread

Baguette bread with French origin is prepared from a kind of thin dough, which has a different size compared to other breads. The diameter of this type of long and narrow bread is about 5 to 6 cm and their length reaches more than half a meter. Baguette bread is baked in the shape of a sandwich or elongated, oval and round, and has a tasty crust, and the inside is bulky and dense. This type of bread has a spongy, soft and crispy texture and has a pleasant aroma and taste.

The use of baguette bread has a special place in the diet plan of people with a low-calorie diet, and due to its vegetable fibers, its continuous consumption strengthens the digestive system, reduces weight and blood cholesterol, etc.


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